So you know how ketones work, and now you're ready to discover BETTER for yourself?

I offer ten-day experience packs to try a variety of flavors of ketones at a prorated cost, this way you don’t need to order a month supply right away. OR you can dive right in—message me for help finding your soul mate flavors! xo Sara

Tell me about the starter kits.

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Want to try ketones before choosing a full month flavor?

Get started with an Experience Pack for a mix of the flavors and formulas! Options below:



Ultimate Ten-Day Experience

Experience a majority of the incredible flavors and all the blends of the Max and OS products as well as Keto Kreme with this 10-Day Kit! PLUS if I have any LIMITED EDITION or NEW flavors in stock--I'll include some in your kit!


Unleashed Bundle

While supplies last, you'll receive 5 samples of the UNLEASHED formulas. 30% more ketones. 30% more potent! Plus, Blue Ocean tastes like a piña colada, except you get to drink it before 5 o'clock.


Five-Day Experience Pack

This pack includes five packets of ketones from a variety of the permanent collection.


Coffee Lover's Dream

Receive five samples of Keto Kreme, Pruvit's Functional Fat Technology. Want some delicious fat-burning coffee? This stuff also boosts you full of four types of collagen, three types of MCT oils, and DNA repair. It's like bullet proof coffee x100.

As long as I have stock, you'll receive a sampling of Sweet Kreme, Nutty Ketoman, and Mayan Mocha!

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Try five samples of MCT//143TM. MCT//143TM is light, smooth, creamy, and tasteless. Making it an amazing addition to any food or drink. Seriously, you can add it to anything! With it’s proprietary blend, MCT//143TM is packed with organic virgin coconut oil, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), and phosphatidylcholine (PC) which are loaded with health benefits.

Ready for a full supply?

If you're ready to get your Full Supply order in so we can work together to get you the MAX results in 20/30/60/90 days... let's get started!

The Raspberry Lemonade is SO refreshing - mixed with just water and ice or even with some sparkling flavored water. I also enjoy a Chocolate Swirl in ice water with a splash of heavy whipping cream!

For maximum savings, order TODAY &  Smart Ship to save 22% off your following months! & After 3 months on smart ship you earn free product with your 4th shipment! Cancel anytime!